Run for Knowledge 2010

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Events, Opinions

From time to time, we get an invite to help support various campaigns that have a worthwhile cause. As responsible citizens, we all need to lend a helping hand for such pursuits, because we’re all in this together, as the saying goes.

So it is with all seriousness that I’m posting about this upcoming event that everyone, and I mean everyone, not just runners or cause-oriented groups, should support.

Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. (KCFI) launches KaRUNungan 2010, which aims to help generate awareness and support for the continued resource and learning gaps in the Philippine education system. The funds it will raise through this campaign will be used to produce instructional shows in English, Science and Math, using “virtual” teachers on air. KCFI wishes to help the majority of elementary and high school students, who are still unable to attain adequate mastery of their lessons.

Through KaRUNungan 2010 and various running events, KCFI enjoins the growingFilipino community of runners to champion the cause of Philippine education, and give Filipino students their second wind that will help them reach the finish line. As KaRUNungan 2010’s theme says, “Every Learner, A Finisher.”

Karunungan 2010 Manila will be held on November 28 at the Meralco Compound in Ortigas. A total of 5,000 runners are expected to join the event.

For more info (race fees/prizes, routemaps, etc.) visit Knowledge Channel or contact Nicole Garingan at (632) 910-2131

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